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Fulbright Day: Ghana – July 29

Fulbright Day Ghana: Preservation and Innovation in Visual Art and Music was a roundtable that explored contemporary developments in the arts in Ghana and their growing influence on the global stage.

Fulbright Day: Korea – July 27

In celebration of the worldwide Fulbright Program’s 75th anniversary, Fulbright Korea hosted a webinar exploring the impact of the Fulbright Program among members and friends of the North Korean Defector (NKD) community.

Hiba Dlewati

Hiba Dlewati was born in Flint, Michigan, and grew up in Damascus, Syria. After seeing the devastating impact of war, Dlewati decided to focus on sharing the personal stories of those affected by political upheaval. She has covered the Syrian conflict and refugee crisis from ten countries as a multimedia journalist and producer.

John D. Sherwood

Dr. John D. Sherwood has authored six books on military and naval history during his nearly 25 years as a civilian historian, and his insights directly support naval operations and strategy development. A 2019 Fulbright-Schuman Program award to Germany and Greece gave him a front-row seat to humanitarian and disaster relief operations.

Gillian Bowser

Dr. Bowser is a wildlife ecologist and associate professor at Colorado State University’s Natural Resource Ecology Lab. She believes in the power of citizen scientists, and has spent her career demonstrating that everyone can be a scientist.

Ken Rutherford

Dr. Rutherford, a survivor of a landmine attack, co-founded the Landmine Survivors Network and was named to Action on Armed Violence’s “Top 100: The Most Influential People in Armed Violence Reduction” for his remarkable career. He also helped lead the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), which won The Nobel Peace Prize 1997.

Partners for Mutual Understanding

The Fulbright Program partners with dynamic and forward-thinking organizations to expand the program’s reach, build diverse networks, and create impact in a variety of disciplines and fields. Learn how Fulbright partnerships help fulfill the program’s mission.

Partnering for a Better World

Fulbright brings opportunities to life through partnership. Learn more in this article about the history, activities, and outstanding alumni of the Fulbright Program and the 49 Fulbright binational commissions.

Celebrating Fulbright’s 75th Anniversary

On August 1, 1946, President Harry S. Truman signed the act that launched the Fulbright Program to enhance mutual understanding and help people and nations work together towards common goals. […]

Fulbright Day: Honduras – July 17

On July 17th, Fulbright Day: Honduras brought together Fulbrighters from around the world to celebrate 75 years of the Fulbright Program, and more than 31 years of activities by Honduran Fulbrighters and the local Fulbright alumni association.

Fulbright Day: Philippines – July 3

On July 3, Fulbright Philippines celebrated their Fulbright Day alongside Philippine Republic Day/Philippine-American Friendship Day by highlighting impactful alumni across several fields.

HBCU Fulbright Alumni: Share Your Story

Are you a proud alumna/us of the Fulbright Program and an HBCU? Help us celebrate the fruitful connections between HBCUs and the Fulbright Program by sharing your high-resolution photos, telling […]