Fulbright Alumni: Lasting Legacies

More than 400,000 people from all backgrounds — recent graduates, teachers, scientists and researchers, musicians, artists, and more — have embarked on Fulbright experiences and come away with enhanced skills, new connections, and greater global understanding. Each month of the 75th Anniversary year will feature notable Fulbrighters who have made an impact on the world. Read their stories below.

Andrea Dutton

In her own opinion, Dr. Andrea Dutton is less of a scientist and more of an “earth detective.” As an undergraduate music major at Amherst College in 1991, she could never have imagined herself, 30 years later, as a renowned sea level and climate change expert, and the recipient of back-to-back Fulbright U.S. Scholar and MacArthur Foundation Fellowship awards.

Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson

As an Icelander, Minister for the Environment and Natural Resource Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson sees the impact of climate change up close: Iceland’s glaciers are rapidly retreating and studies suggest that in two centuries there may be no ice left in Iceland.

Lillygol “Lilly” Sedaghat

When you hear “one man’s trash,” you probably think of finding treasures at yard sales and thrift shops, items left on the stoop for passersby to take home. You may not think of the tons of actual waste dumped daily into landfills across the planet – but storyteller and environmentalist Lilly Sedaghat does.

Kathryn S. Fuller

From exploring the woods as a child, to conducting field work on Caribbean coral reef crustaceans, Kathryn Fuller’s passion has helped shape conservation efforts around the world.

Jaime Saavedra

Leading efforts by the largest financier of education in more than 80 developing countries, Dr. Jaime Saavedra’s global perspective, forged by Fulbright, has shaped his life’s work: to use education to fight poverty and inequality worldwide.

Hanna Holborn Gray

A celebrated historian of political and historical thought, as well as a savvy administrator, Dr. Hanna Holborn Gray championed academic excellence and inclusion in some of the United States’ premier academic institutions.

Mark B. Rosenberg

Dr. Mark B. Rosenberg has spent his nearly five-decade career in higher education finding solutions. As a professor, researcher, and current President of Florida International University (FIU), he has turned institutions into inclusive, innovative, and collaborative centers of global learning.

Ruth J. Simmons

As an HBCU scholarship recipient at Dillard University in New Orleans and as the first African American president of an Ivy League university, Dr. Ruth J. Simmons’ educational journey has been long and varied. The common thread in a career of many firsts? A life-long passion for cross-cultural understanding and showcasing Black excellence in academia.

John Hope Franklin

An influential and prolific scholar of African American history, Dr. John Hope Franklin expanded the American consciousness, blazed a trail for scholars of color, and championed international education. His participation in and support of the Fulbright Program as a U.S. Scholar and Chairman of the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board benefitted local and global communities, one connection at a time.

Jonathan Rabb

How do you build and maintain community in digital spaces? It’s a question Jonathan Rabb has asked and answered throughout his career as a journalist, television host, researcher, and CEO. Read more about Jonathan’s work and how his Fulbright experience helped him forge his path.