75 Years of Actions, Insights, and Opportunities

Fulbrighters inspire, innovate, and find solutions to challenges facing our communities and our world. Read about the impact they have had in areas like public service, science and technology, public health, arts, education and the environment.

The Future of Fulbright

We asked Fulbright alumni and experts around the world to share their vision of how Fulbright will grow, adapt, and inspire in the years to come. What will the next 75 years bring?

The Future is International: Fulbrighters Reimagine Education

Over the next 75 years, what will education and learning look like around the world? Fulbright educators, academic administrators, and international exchange specialists weigh in on the current state of international education, and imagine new ways to live and learn together.

Fulbrighters Leading Through Innovation

During their international exchanges, Fulbrighters come face-to-face with difficult and seemingly intractable problems. In response to these problems, Fulbrighters make use of their newfound academic training, cultural knowledge, and entrepreneurial skills to create innovative solutions that better the world around them.

Fulbright: Diplomacy in Action – Connecting Nations and People

Since the program’s founding, Fulbrighters have served as unofficial citizen ambassadors. In recognition of 75 years of outstanding service, we recognize several Fulbrighters working in the fields of public diplomacy and service, and explore how Fulbright has influenced and contributed to their careers.

Making History, One Fulbrighter at a Time

Fulbrighters not only enrich their educations and advance their careers, they also make meaningful contributions abroad and at home, often in unexpected ways. Throughout the program’s 75-year history, Fulbrighters have borne witness to world-changing historical moments; in some cases, they have even made history themselves.

Partners for Mutual Understanding

The Fulbright Program partners with dynamic and forward-thinking organizations to expand the program’s reach, build diverse networks, and create impact in a variety of disciplines and fields. Learn how Fulbright partnerships help fulfill the program’s mission.

Partnering for a Better World

Fulbright brings opportunities to life through partnership. Learn more in this article about the history, activities, and outstanding alumni of the Fulbright Program and the 49 Fulbright binational commissions.

Fulbright: Creating and Connecting Through the Arts

From award-winning, globally recognized Fulbright luminaries like Renée Fleming, Philip Glass, and Maya Angelou, to cutting-edge artists and changemakers, Fulbrighters create beautiful and thought-provoking works and also strengthen cross-cultural ties, champion diverse perspectives, and inspire communities.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Fulbright: Advancing Opportunities

As the Fulbright Program celebrates its 75th anniversary, it is important to acknowledge the role that Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have played in expanding access to Fulbright awards.

Advancing Opportunity at Home and Abroad

More than a simple recognition of academic and professional achievement, a Fulbright award is an acknowledgement of the power of participants to effect change in their host and home communities. Alumni return from the Fulbright experience ready to spread their newfound knowledge and use their successes as inspiration for the next generation.