75 Years of Actions, Insights, and Opportunities

Fulbrighters inspire, innovate, and find solutions to challenges facing our communities and our world. Read about the impact they have had in areas like public service, science and technology, public health, arts, education and the environment.

Protecting the Planet with Fulbright

As cultural ambassadors and environmental stewards, Fulbrighters work to create a sustainable future through scientific research and communication, habitat and wildlife conservation, and innovative policy and technology for a sustainable future.

Bringing the World Closer Together Through Education

Synonymous with international education, the Fulbright Program has provided students, scholars, teachers, artists, and professionals of all backgrounds the opportunity to study, teach, exchange ideas, and find solutions to complex local and global challenges for 75 years. Serving as leaders across the globe, Fulbrighters educate and internationalize their communities in the classroom and on college and university campuses, preparing students for the future.

Transforming Communities Through Knowledge

Fulbrighters are recognized for their achievements in academia, government, and in other important fields, and they also bring to life one of the Fulbright Program’s most consequential objectives: to shape a more positive vision for communities through sharing knowledge. Learn more about how Fulbright Program participants change their host and home communities through their work and dedication to service.

Leading Innovation in Health, Science and Technology: Fulbright Alumni Research

Serving communities around the world, Fulbright alumni are innovative, collaborative, and driven in their approach to advancing health, science, and technology. Fifty-three Fulbright alumni in these fields have been awarded […]